Trailer Wednesday: Smurfs and “Tangled” teasers


This Trailer Wednesday is for the kids: two upcoming animated (or at least partly animated) features: one due out this winter and one not until next summer. The first, is Disney’s twist on one of the few fairytale princesses they haven’t turned into a franchise: Rapunzel, the focus of their upcoming movie “Tangled.” The second is Sony Pictures Animation’s attempt to bring those iconic blue tiny people to the big screen in “The Smurfs.”


Disney animation is attempting its first hand-drawn style CGI animated film. This fusion of the classic and modern Disney methods will feature the lengthy locks of Rapunzel, although this teaser/clip seems to imply that the prince (voiced by Zachary Levi of NBC’s “Chuck” with just the right amount of cheese) is the center of the action.

All things indicate classic Disney with a horse that doesn’t talk but acts like a person, a chameleon sidekick for Cinderella and slapstick, although there’s a hint of “Shrek”-ness to it.

Get tangled up in 3-D just in time for Thanksgiving on November 24.

The Smurfs

Filming started only recently for “The Smurfs,” so this teaser is very early in the game and only gives us a sense of what the smurfs will look like. If you were a fan of the “Alvin and the Chipmunks” films, perhaps this blend of live action and CGI will appeal to you as well. Right now, the only saving grace of this film is the involvement Neil Patrick Harris in some way and Hank Azaria as Gargamel. I’m also kinda digging the remix of the TV show theme

“The Smurfs” is currently scheduled for August 3, 2011, peculiar timing for a family movie that wants to promote itself this early on.


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