Contest: The “Due Date” Dash! (Winners!)

The dash is over and we have our winners. There is one “grand prize” winner and two other winners that I’ve named below. Unfortunately, a few other winners could have been named, but so many of you didn’t take the time to actually do your research and read the posts and stuff. Oh well. 

My traveling companion was none other than The Film Reel. Many of you guessed The Box Office Junkie because Grady’s clues pointed to my site and you figured it was mutual, even though my clues referred clearly to the final destination in the “Due Date” movie, which was Los Angeles and The Film Reel had a clip featuring Los Angeles behind-the-scenes stuff.

So, here are the winners! The team running the promotion will be in touch with you about your winnings at the email addresses you provided.





For those of you that missed out on a prize, you can always purchase or rent a digital download of “Due Date” from iTunes.




  1. Alex Federman says:

    The Box Office Junkie

  2. Adam Mandel says:

    Your partner is The Box Office Junkie.

  3. Kristen Chusid says:

    Your partner is “the Box Office Junkie”

  4. AnneMarie DeRemer says:

    The Box Office Junkie is your companion.

  5. Cindy Moscoso says:

    The Box Office Junkie :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. Your buddy is The Box Office Junkie. :)

  7. Kim Sieb says:

    The Box Office Junkie

  8. Mitch Kirk says:

    The box office junkie is your companion/partner.

  9. Mitch Kirk says:

    Your companion/partner is The Box Office Junkie.

  10. Steven says:

    You are all wrong!!! Look at the actual clues!!!

  11. Margaret says:

    Your travel companion is The Film Reel.

  12. Chris says:

    It’s the film reel I hope because that’s my answer

  13. Kaley says:

    The Film Reel

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