Movie Site Links

The following sites are ones that I read on a daily basis or that I use for research. If you’re looking for links to other movie blogs that I enjoy, check out the blog roll on the right hand column of the main page.

My Reviews (on Access to my imdb user comments (reviews) and rankings for all the movies I’ve seen since December 2007 (and some from earlier).

EntertainmentFuse: I was formerly the movie section editor as well as a critic and writer for this gaming/film/TV and all things geek entertainment website, which launched in April 2010. It’s a sharp-looking site and a one-stop shop for cool news and reviews of everything under the sun.

Internet Movie Database (imdb) The ultimate encyclopedia of film knowledge. Want to know the details of every film ever made? imdb has it. User comments and message boards are also a huge part of its thing.

Rotten Tomatoes: One of the most visited and respected movie sites out there, Rotten Tomatoes is famous for taking reviews from all the professional critics in the papers and across the web  and compiling them into a percentage. If the reviews are 60 percent positive or higher, it gets a red tomato. If less, it’s considered rotten. These summaries are considered the most accurate ratings out there.

Box Office Mojo: Where I get all my box office details. BOM has thorough stats on all films and deep archives on box office history.  User ratings are also part of the site, making it a more comprehensive fiscally focused site.

The Large Association of Movie Blogs MMR is a member of LAMB, a directory of hundreds of movie blogs for you small-time blog-lovers and is great way to spot people who are just getting their chops (lamb chops, of course) in movie-blog writing.

The Joblo Movie Network: The site for movie dudes/geeks, the Joblo writers are quite fond of the fairer sex and that puts a spin on much of their material. They focus on what movie-loving geeks want to know most, particularly news and rumors related to superhero, sci-fi and fantasy films. And they like boobs, a lot.

/Film: Does the best job of understanding the movie-lover demographic by linking to all sorts of cool stuff that relates to movies but might not be movie news. However, they’re often the first to get certain stories covered from the major movie news sites and produce tons of movie content. They’re also all about video and audio content, so if you like multimedia blog coverage, look to them.

Film School Rejects: The Austin, Tx.-based crew at FSR steers clear of the rumor mill and focuses on news, reviews and editorials delivered with a distinctive voice. They contribute video reviews and are always up-to-date with what’s new on DVD. If you like editorial content and not the clutter of news as much, they’re great.

Making Of: Co-founded by Natalie Portman (huge bonus points there), Making Of is a movie news and features site more dedicated to the craft of film than just the cinephile aspect. The site features all kinds of interviews with a wealth of insiders on different aspects of the industry and links to insider blogs. Did I mention Natalie Portman? Just gotta make sure I meet my “Natalie Portman” name-drop quota. Natalie Portman.