First of all, to clear mid-’90s rom-com fog and clear things up for dyslexic search engine users, this site has nothing to do with the Albert Brooks’ movie “The Muse.” I’ve never seen it and you can bet I will never review it on this site.

You can, however, expect to find all other tangible definitions of the word “muse.” Founded in August 2009, Movie Muse is a Chicago-based blog all about turning thoughts about movies into articles and discussion. The goal is to talk about current movies, past movies, movie news and movie-related topics in a way you’ve maybe thought about, but never talked about.

Starting in Summer 2012, Movie Muse began to make part of its goal and focus to highlight Chicago filmmakers and their films. The hope is that by covering both mainstream Hollywood film and the often overlooked efforts of local talent that really could use Hollywood-like exposure, we can bridge that divide.

Lastly, this blog is written for movie-lovers of all degrees of seriousness. The topics are ones that aim  to fit a broad range of interests and the writing is intended to be inclusive to all movie knowledge bases.

About the Writer – Steven C

My love of movies traces back to the summer of 1997, when I prided myself on two things: memorizing the summer’s new releases in the paper on Friday mornings and having insider knowledge on all of Disney’s upcoming animated features. My interest in film eventually grew to be more than an obsession with future releases and evolved into a love of the impact of great storytelling. The emotions I felt after walking out of the theater after a great or merely enjoyable film were special enough to the point where I mulled over pursuing screenwriting while in high school.

I chose the more career-practical storytelling method by pursuing a journalism degree from the University of Missouri, where I graduated in May 2009. In college, I turned to Netflix as an encyclopedia of cinematic knowledge (and an all-too-successful distraction), became an avid reader of movie sites and started reviewing everything I saw on imdb.com. To date I have more than 800 reviews posted on imdb, nearly all of which are films I’ve seen since December 2007. Deciding my hobby was too intense to be just that, I began Movie Muse to combine and share my equally strong passions of film and writing and to help build a resume toward the goal of possibly doing it professionally.

In April 2010, my prolificness on imdb as well as Movie Muse earned me the job of movie section lead for gaming/film/TV and other time-consuming forms of entertainment site EntertainmentFuse.com, which I held until February 2013. I have also written for We Got This Covered. Please go check them out!

Interested in writing or editing experience?

I am not closed off to the idea of adding another contributor to Movie Muse or even just adding copyediting help. Please contact me if you are interested in either role. If you’re a writer, please send me links or attachments with your work.

I have something I’d like you to write about!

Awesome. Feel free to email me at moviemusereviews (at) gmail (dot) com. Keep in mind that as far as specific movies I only cover major Hollywood and independent releases, as well as films made locally in Chicago or by Chicago-based filmmakers and production companies. I do read all suggestions for content.

Questions, comments or suggestions about the site. Shoot me an e-mail at moviemusereviews (at) gmail (dot) com.

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