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Hi, and welcome to Movie Muse. I’m Steven and this is my new blog dedicated to those who love discussing movies. To let you know a little about me … other than that I love writing about film … I’m a recent college graduate who’s now a journalist based in Chicago. I’m trying to get on my feet as a feature writer and/or critic. I currently do some freelance work and write another blog dedicated to the Chicago Cubs for the Chi-Town Daily News.

I’ve already written over 360 movie reviews through imdb that I will link over to Movie Muse as this blog gets rolling, in addition to ones that I will review in the future, but here’s a bit more of what you can expect when you come to visit Movie Muse:

Reviews: As I see movies in theaters, I will post a more comprehensive review quickly for the sake of timeliness. However, in my quest to watch all the greatest movies ever made (and some of the not-so-greatest ones), there will be many reviews of classics or other oldies that have caught my interest, even films I’ve already seen but have yet to review. One thing you should know is I don’t discriminate, though I have my favorite genres (namely science-fiction). I watch and review everything from Charlie Chaplin films to documentaries to Anime, though I generally avoid most of the super-commercial chick flicks and horror movies. Generally, if it’s been well-received or highly rated, I’ll watch it, and I’ll tell you what I think about it.
Rankings: One thing I love to do is look at movies, their genres and the people behind them in the greater scope of film. As a result, part of my regular posting will be top 10 lists. Whether it be best films in a specific genre, putting movies by a famous director from best to worst or a list of movies I’d like to see made based on other Disney theme park rides, it’s no fun to just talk about a film in and of itself all the time and it will give you a chance to comment back.
News and other musings: As an independent reviewer, I don’t want to lose sight of what’s going on in Hollywood. As a consumer of movie news myself, I will link to exciting upcoming movie news from all the big name movie sites, interesting developments in the field and of course follow the Oscar buzz all winter long. Occasionally, I’ll discuss my opinions of what’s going on in movies in general (like the downfall of romantic comedies) or even flat out rant about my disgust at the week’s box office winner (I still hate you, “Paul Blart: Mall Cop”). All of this I hope will make Movie Muse interesting, informative and maybe good enough to provoke you to write back.


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