Weekend Recap: BO doesn’t Cop Out or go Crazy


Nailed it. After last week’s predictions gone awry, I perfectly predicted the Top 5 films at the box office though I was a bit generous on the amount of money I estimated they would make. Shutter Island was king again this week, making it the most successful in terms of No. 1 films since Avatar, which is a terrible comparison but nonetheless amusing to say.

It’s no surprise. The buzz from this movie was good before and after it opened and without a legitimate contender this past weekend in terms of quality, it deserved to stay on top. Also worthy of note, Avatar passed the $700 M mark domestically this weekend, which means not only was Titanic sunk back at $600 M, it has eroded and disintegrated by now.

  1. Shutter Island – $22.6 M (weekend) … $75.5 M (gross)
  2. Cop Out –$18.2 M … $18.2 M
  3. The Crazies – $16 M … $16 M
  4. Avatar – $13.6 M … $706.5 M
  5. Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief – $9.6 M … $71 M
  6. Valentine’s Day – $9 M … $99.9 M
  7. Dear John – $4.8 M … $72.4 M
  8. The Wolfman – $4.2 M … $57.4 M
  9. The Tooth Fairy – $3.4 M … $53.8 M
  10. Crazy Heart – $2.4 M … $25 M

Considering their budgets, Cop Out and The Crazies performed decently, but with Shutter Island pulling just over $20 M, it’s sad neither could jump up at nab the Best Movie in America title. Then again, I’ll be the last to complain about that.

“Percy Jackson” continues to hold up well with a third week in the Top 5. It should earn back the $95 M production budget before it runs out of theaters, even with Alice in Wonderland coming in to sweep up its audience next week. The Wolfman, however, continues to decline in huge numbers.

Flops Edge of Darkness and From Paris With Love fell out of the Top 10 in their 5th and 4th weeks respectively.


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