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I can sniff the summer movie season and Clash of the Titans is like that overly ambitious dude that barbecues in April. The spring always has one or two major blockbuster hopefuls and this is quite possibly the biggest of them all. Promotions and advertising have been crazy for this film, it was converted to 3D after the success of Avatar and now Warner Bros has its fingers crossed for Alice In Wonderland-type numbers.

I can’t really say “Titans” is deserving, even on speculation, but I certainly am also curious of the outcome. This is the first major 3D conversion film (only the third live action movie to be released in 3D — and already the second starring Sam Worthington) so how audiences respond if they know the film wasn’t intended for 3D is worth noting.

Meanwhile, you can see Miley Cyrus at the movies this weekend and she won’t be wearing a wig for all or parts of the film.

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Clash of the Titans

Directed by: Louis Leterrier
Written by: Travis Beacham, Phil Hay, Matt Manfredi, Beverly Cross (1981 screenplay)
Starring: Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Alexa Davalos


The Word: It’s about time Hollywood has tried to suck the money potential out of Greek mythology. “Percy Jackson” doesn’t exactly count, but this remake of the somewhat beloved 1981 gods vs. mortals film. Avatar star Sam Worthington heads up what looks to be another blockbuster as the legendary hero Perseus, slayer of Medusa. Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes play brothers-at-odds, Zeus and Hades respectively.

Rotten Tomatoes: 34%

See in 3D: No, it was converted to 3D in post-production, so the price hike is not worth it.

My Thoughts: I was a fan of The Incredible Hulk director Leterrier’s action work in particular on that film and so I think regardless of this movie’s overall quality there’s still potential for some fun kracken-killing entertainment. Critics with positive things to say didn’t actually compliment the film so much as take it for what it was, which is good news for anyone who likes this genre.

Recommendation: Worth renting later. I can’t say genre fans would be remiss to pay the price of admission (in 2D, please), but I can see it being a solid mid-later summer rental.

The Last Song (Wed.)

Directed by: Julie Anne Robinson
Written by: Nicholas Sparks (novel, screenplay), Jeff Van Wie
Starring: Miley Cyrus, Greg Kinnear, Liam Hemsworth


The Word: I should’ve posted this preview Wed. with this movie’s unprecedented mid-week release, but need I say two Nicholas Sparks adaptations in two months is overkill? At least the talent behind Dear John looked redeeming. Cyrus plays — can you believe it — a music prodigy who falls in love with a dude on the beach. In that time away for the summer, she reconnects with Dad (Kinnear) as well.

Rotten Tomatoes: 11%

My Thoughts: I’m out of witty things to say about Sparks’ adaptations except that my experience with them started and ended with the only worthy one, The Notebook. I gave you that much, so consider it a concession of sorts.

Recommendation: Worth dismissin’.

Why Did I Get Married Too?

Written and Directed by: Tyler Perry
Starring: Tyler Perry, Janet Jackson


The Word: Black family comedy powerhouse filmmaker and star Tyler Perry’s sequel to his somewhat dark comedy of the same title minus the “Too.” This film is an all-black version of Couples Retreat but probably better, actually.

Rotten Tomatoes: NA

My Thoughts: Despite their money-making power, reviews/ratings of Perry’s films have always been less than stellar and I know not one person who has seen any of them. Given that this one lacks his flagship character Madea, curiosity meter is at zero.

Recommendation: Worth dismissin’

Box Office Predictions

The box office is pretty set to be rocked by Clash of the Titans though I’m going to be fairly modest with my prediction and go $80 million. Any more and I pity the suckers who decided to see it in 3D.

The next few spots are where it gets tough this week based on my projections, all of which I expect to get somewhere in the $20 M range. I’m going to give No. 2 to Tyler Perry and Why Did I Get Married Too? but it could just as easily finish fourth on this list. I think maybe $23-$25 million and that’s generous. With positive word of  mouth and Spring Break, it’s hard to imagine a steep decline for How to Train Your Dragon so I slate it for third with $20-23 M. Then comes Miley Cyrus and The Last Song which will land in $18-20 M range just by virtue of this being a three-day weekend guess and the film came out Wednesday.

Alice in Wonderland should continue to hold up fine and make the last spot in the Top 5 earning about $9 million.

  1. Clash of the Titans
  2. Why Did I Get Married Too?
  3. How to Train Your Dragon
  4. The Last Song
  5. Alice in Wonderland


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