Warner Bros. to build LEGO movie

I love the idea of things from my childhood being turned into major motion pictures, but I think a live action/animation hybrid LEGO movie is where I would have drawn the line. However, in the spirit of two of this summer’s hits “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” and “G.I. Joe,” Warner Bros. has plans to bring the generation-spanning Danish building blocks to a theater near you.

I caught this news from Variety, and it appears as if WB has some producers and a media company lined up with writers already working closely with LEGO to make an “action-adventure family comedy” that will uphold the world-renowned brand name. As a 22-year-old who still has LEGOs in plain sight in his room and worked at The LEGO Store in 2005, I think I’m allowed my two cents, which would be, WTF?

I love LEGO. These toys gave me a creative outlet that no other toy came close to, but this smells like nothing more than a conspiracy to rake in millions on LEGO’s storied reputation and the children 7-13 (and maybe 22), who already have cleaned out their parents’ bank accounts just to shut them up, through a new line of products. 

For those of you who boxed up your LEGOs back when you were 15 like you were supposed to, let me fill you in. LEGO has created numerous video games and straight-to-DVD releases based on its product lines and contracts with WB and Star Wars to make LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Indiana Jones, and LEGO Batman video games as well as toys. Heck, even LEGO Rock Band is on the verge of release. 

Sure, maybe financially there’s brilliance to animated midgets having their smiley yellow heads pop off when some live action kid chucks a brick at them, but for those of us who still take great pride in their LEGO past (and present), a movie would be a childish smudge on LEGO’s reputation. Then again, maybe I’m just worried about it looking awesome and of course 3D and mindlessly forking over money to see it.


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