Waiting on the Weinsteins pt.2 "Youth in Revolt" yanked off fall slate

What exactly is The Weinstein Company doing? First, as I posted a couple weeks back, they pushed The Road to November 25 after messing around with it for a year prior to that. Then there were rumors about Rob Marshall musical Nine being moved to after January 1, which were denied. Now, it turns out we won’t get to see the Michael Cera comedy Youth in Revolt in October, according to a press release, we’ll have to wait until January 15.

/Film had the best coverage I found of the news, offering some solid insight into the decision. You can read what Russ Fischer wrote here.

The article points to the film that TWC picked up at TIFF this past week, A Single Man, a film created by Gucci fashion designer Tom Ford that’s gotten a lot of Oscar buzz. The film stars Colin Firth and Julianne Moore about a gay English professor who suddenly loses his partner and struggles to live his life as usual as a result. Fischer wrote that he thinks the move was spurred by Weinstein’s serious hankering for an Oscar. I have to agree.

Earlier this year, Entertainment Weekly did an interview and an eyebrow-raising piece on Harvey Weinstein about his shamelessly aggressive push to nab The Reader an Oscar nomination, angering The Dark Knight nation and possibly causing this coming year’s ten-film Best Picture category. To say the least, it was apparent that the gold statuette was a high priority to him and TWC. If Harvey’s not sold that Nine is the next Chicago, I could understand him wanting the hot commodity in A Single Man.

Those of us that just wanted a good comedy to make the Fall season more light and entertaining (and certainly fans of the C.D. Payne book) are going to have to deal with it. TWC obviously has some cash concerns despite the better-than-expected success of Inglourious Basterds and appeasing the loyal young adult crowd who likes films with substance is not top priority. 

The Oct. 30 weekend that the film would be released on is also somewhat log-jammed including Michael Jackson tribute film This is It, Boondock Saints II and rival comedy Gentleman Broncos from Fox, not to mention that’s Halloween weekend. Youth in Revolt screened to some favorable reviews from sites, namely Cinematical, so perhaps TWC figured not to let it get smothered. Regardless, we’ll have to enjoy it as a post-Oscar films snack early next year.


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