Trailer Wednesday: Sucker Punch, Priest, Drive Angry

Today’s Trailer Wednesday is brought to you by the letter “V.” “V” as in “Violence.” I suppose we should expect nothing less from the first week of trailers post-Comic Con. Although these are mostly teasers, I figured it would be far more interesting than bringing you the latest “TRON: Legacy” trailer or the second “RED” trailer though both films should be great.

We’ll go in order of building suspense. That means starting with the brief teaser for Nicolas Cage in “Drive Angry 3D,” going on to next May’s vampire action film “Priest” starring Paul Bettany and on to the trailer that blew the most minds at Comic Con, Zack Snyder’s “Sucker Punch.”

Drive Angry 3D

Cars and revenge: it doesn’t get much more all-thrills than that. Add Nicolas Cage and it all makes perfect sense. Add the fact that it appears Mr. Cage’s character has escaped from hell and suddenly it makes less sense, but at least provides an excuse for some messed up stuff to occur on screen.

The first thing you’ll notice about this trailer is yet another hair do for Cage. The second is that it’s amazing that in just 30 seconds of footage we see Cage both walk and drive away while something explodes in the background. What else should be said about the film? Nothing really, except that it’s in 3-D and from the director of “My Bloody Valentine 3D.” You can take your sweetheart to “Drive Angry” on February 11.


When you watch this trailer, January’s apocalyptic demons film “Legion” probably came to mind. Maybe that’s because both star Paul Bettany with Scott Stewart as the director. The visual effects guru didn’t get much praise from anyone for that first film, but with an early summer release on May 13, “Priest” is at least in good position, even if it’s another futuristic film where a dude fights vampires.

The trailer doesn’t exactly do anything for me, but the visuals should at least be nice in this movie — that is Stewart’s forte. The film will also be in 3-D, which has been a long, careful process according to Stewart at the Comic Con panel. We’ll see if that means anything.

I can’t get the video to embed because I’m not as computer savvy as I might appear to be. So click here.

Sucker Punch

Zack Snyder’s footage of “Sucker Punch” was pretty tough to describe for those who saw it debut at Comic Con. Well, they need not explain any longer because here to blow your mind is the teaser itself.

Snyder’s visual style is ever apparent in this film about a girl who gets locked up at a mental institution but plans her escape through an imaginary world. The film is Snyder’s first shot at directing his own work, which is definitely a positive. Much of the backlash for his “Watchmen” was related to how he handled the material, not that any director could have possibly done that graphic novel justice. Anyway, I wouldn’t call the look of this film eye candy so much as visual syrup that tastes (looks?) like every flavor in the world at once. Not only do you have beautiful women kicking ass, but there are so many other glorious things to feast your eye on here. Have a gander and see if March 25 starts to feel like too far away for you too.


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