Trailer Wednesday: Scott Pilgrim, Knight and Day


Today’s Trailer Wednesday features two action movies coming out this summer that land on opposite ends of the spectrum as far as creativity and originality. The first is the video-game inspired romantic indie comedy Scott Pilgrim vs. The World which is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before and the second is Tom Cruise action movie Knight and Day which is like tons of things you’ve seen before.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Movie blogs have been aflame with buzz for this upcoming summer action comedy Scott Pilgrim vs. The World from director Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) based on the graphic novels. In basic form it’s the story of how Michael Cera must “defeat” his new love’s seven evil ex-boyfriends, but in truth it’s an amalgamation of indie romcom and video game action fantasy. The combination is bound to make it a hit among the 14-26 crowd.

The teaser here is an acceptable taste of what we can expect from this genre-bending film. I think just the small bit almost makes it look cheesy, but my suspicion is that once the “rules” of the video-game fantasy stuff become normal and not so abrupt, it will be excellent. I’ve done nothing but enjoy Wright’s films and this one has the talent to be his best so far. Scott takes on the world on August 13.

Watch the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World trailer on imdb

Knight and Day

The teaser for this reunion of venerated actors Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz debuted some time ago, but here’s our little reminder that it comes out June 25 in what appears to be a pretty dull month this year. It’s the first we’ve seen of Cruise since Valkyrie and his biggest film since MI:3 in 2006.

We don’t really know anything about this movie: For one thing, what the title means and what the change from night to “knight” means. Cruise’s character is called Milner. Diaz is June Havens. We know the two have to stick together and someone is after them. We know Cruise is/was a spy and that the two don’t seem to trust each other as they go literally across the world.

So with that I’m supposed to tell you what I think of this movie? I’ve yet to be given a reason to see it. I like that Cruise is a bit off-kilter, spouting off the line “I’ll kill myself, then her,” but other than that, it looks like generic action comedy romance enigma.

Watch the Knight and Day trailer on imdb


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