Trailer Wednesday: Predators and Eat, Pray, Love


This post title just gave me a great spoof idea for a film entitled Predators: Eat, Prey, Love. I’m not sure how the love part factors in yet, but that could be interesting.

I think these movies are about as far apart as any two chosen in the short life of Trailer Wednesday. One is a feel-good story about taking control of your life starring Julia Roberts, the other is a film about ruthless killers being dumped on a planet for the sake of the sport of watching them be hunted by more ruthless aliens. I apologize in advance for “Blind Side on DVD” ads before each trailer. Just wasn’t sure if they were YouTube-able yet.


If you haven’t heard of the new Predators via either last year’s Comic Con or the footage revealed at South by Southwest a couple weeks ago, let me prevent you from rolling your eyes. One, Robert Rodriguez is producing. Two, watch this trailer. I think this should do a very good job of calling back to the original Schwarzenegger film as opposed to continuing on in the ridiculous tradition of the Alien vs. Predator films.

Nimrod Antal, who directed the December flop Armored, pilots this film from a rookie script, but a July release date and Rodriguez making sure it doesn’t suck could lead to one of the better films of late-summer 2010. This is also not a cast of unknowns either: Adrien Brody, Topher Grace and Laurence Fishburne all star.

Watch the Predators trailer on imdb

Eat, Pray, Love

You’ve at least heard of this ridiculously popular book based on author Elizabeth Gilbert’s story of leaving her ordinary life behind and traveling for a year to Italy, India and beyond. I don’t think it would work as a movie either, so that’s why they got Julia. Is it a coincidence that there was a similar memoir adaptation released in August last year about another Julia? Not at all. Columbia Pictures was responsible for both.

The trailer looks fine. I don’t know how they make movies based on these films, but I bet part of it is that they put more emphasis on Gilbert’s failed love life in the movie to give it more of a romantic drama feel at first. I mean, I’m just blabbering here because I’ve never read the book. Who knows, with Julia it could be just as inspiring.

Watch the Eat, Pray, Love trailer on imdb


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