Trailer Thursday: Twilight: Eclipse, new Robin Hood


It’s really hard to stick to a regular Trailer Wednesday when distributors release big-deal trailers on Thursday. I simply couldn’t let the novelty wear off and had to post links to these trailers today. One is the new trailer for Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood, which I think will quiet down the “it looks just like Gladiator” talk. The second I’m posting on here just in hopes that it leads to more hits on the site, I’ll be honest. That would be the teaser for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Directed this time by vampire flick 30 Days of Night director David Slade, “Eclipse” poses the ultimate question it its brief teaser: who will Bella choose: Edward or Jacob? I will give major props there for marketing. Even if you know nothing of this saga, you get that there’s this Edward vs. Jacob thing going on and the teaser is very clear in leading you to believe Bella will be forced with this choice. It’s too early to say whether Slade will finally make these films acceptable to critics and the general non-Twi-hard public. But even if it’s too late for that, I’m sure this teaser will get fans giggly for June 30; It’s loaded with some weighty quotes such as “I’ll love you ’til your heart stops beating” and there’s at least one flash of Taylor Lautner without a shirt. On a negative note, the music should stop trying to be Requiem for a Dream.

Watch “Eclipse” trailer on imdb

Robin Hood

The original teaser for the reunion of Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe in a battle epic didn’t get my blood pumping either, but this one has me stoked to return to the theaters one week post-Iron Man 2 on May 14 for some much needed period action. There hasn’t really been a whole lot of that since the Gladiator fad faded away after about 2005 and there’s no lack of footage in this trailer. Plenty of action and plenty of great quotes championing ideas about not giving up and how people shouldn’t serve their king unless they get something in return (aka the foundation for democracy). Cate Blanchett and Mark Strong make this a heck of a cast too. I’ve heard a rumor this might be PG-13, which would be my only knock against it if true, but I really, really hope not.

Watch Robin Hood trailer on Cinematical


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