Toy Story 3 trailer up!

After Disney pulled the leaked versions of the much-awaited Toy Story 3 trailer off various movie websites, the first trailer is officially up today! Much of what I talked about when I posted news from the D23 convention is in the trailer.

View the Apple trailer here

The trailer is very carefully planned. It doesn’t give away very much (none of the new characters appear) but tells you the story line and gives you plenty to get excited about.

All I can say is Toy Story 3 is poised to be one of the highest-grossing animated films if not films period of all time. If Up and WALL*E can make tons of money for Pixar, imagine what going back to their No. 1 all-time franchise could do.

Think about the kids that grew up watching this movie, myself included (I think I was 9 or 10), are now paying their way at the movies in addition to the appeal it already has to parents and children. Plus, it’s not like this is going to be a bad movie if Pixar’s track record has anything to say about it. That said, name a demographic not excited by this movie. There is none. Now we just have to wait eight months.


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