"The Road" moves to Thanksgiving

For those of you that agreed heartily with my choice of putting the film version of Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road” on my must-see list for the fall, you will certainly be interested to hear that Dimension Films has pushed the movie back to Thanksgiving instead of its original Oct. 16 release, another piece of news today that I caught wind of at /Film.

The move is certainly an interesting one this late in the game. The Weinstein Co. (Dimension Films is part of it) already has Rob Marshall’s anticipated movie musical “Nine” scheduled for that weekend, so it must plan on a limited release of “Nine” or moving the Oscar contender closer to Christmas. 

As for what this means for “The Road,” which has already seen its fair share of date changes, it could be a positive or a negative. My instinct would say the film’s debut at Telluride earned it some solid buzz and now TWC feels a bit cocky, which means this film good be as good as expected. Regardless, the change leaves “Where the Wild Things Are” as the only major contender for Oct. 16. Wanting to see both films, that saves me a decision to say the least. 

Thanksgiving weekend, however, is no easy time slot. “The Road” will be up against the wide release of family flicks the “Fantastic Mr. Fox,” Disney’s “Old Dogs,” and a film with a similar demographic in “Ninja Assassin,” not to mention contending with the first full week of “Twilight Saga: New Moon.” Then again, of all those films, I would certainly want to see “The Road” the most. What about you?


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