Some NYC theaters charge 20 dollars for “Shrek”


Despite disappointing at the box office by comparison to its predecessors, “Shrek Forever After” did manage to set records this weekend: 3-D IMAX tickets for the film in some parts of the country cost as much as $20 for a single adult ticket.

The Wall Street Journal reported just prior to this weekend that at least four AMC theaters in the New York City area would be charging those kind of prices for 3-D IMAX showings and the breaking of the $20 threshold has avid moviegoers in arms. Earlier this year in March, 3-D and IMAX prices were hiked for the last DreamWorks film, “How to Train Your Dragon,” with tickets going up more than 25 percent in some parts of the country.
Media analyst Richard Greenfield blogged with great concern about the fast increases in an economy that still continues to be unstable, no doubt punctuated by the market’s drop last week and especially for children’s films. With wait periods between theatrical release and DVD shrinking and proposals for On Demand entertainment that would allow new releases to make their way into homes even faster, some theaters could be digging themselves a grave.

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