“Social Network” pokes the box office

Facebook might be worth $25 billion, but Sony/Columbia will gladly take the $22.4 million hall for their critically acclaimed drama. The film was the only newcomer this week to place in the top five and did so handily. The surprise was that “Let Me In,” the hyped American remake of the acclaimed Swedish film, finished eighth with just above $5.1 million.

  1. The Social Network – $22.4 M (weekend) … $22.4 M (gross)
  2. Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole – $10.8 M … $30 M
  3. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps – $10 M … $35.7 M
  4. The Town – $9.7 M  … $64 M
  5. Easy A – $6.7 M … $42.1 M
  6. You Again – $5.7 M … $16.6 M
  7. Case 39 – $5.3 M … $5.3 M
  8. Let Me In – $5.1 M … $5.1 M
  9. Devil – $3.5 M … $27.2 M
  10. Alpha and Omega – $2.9 M … $18.9 M

Audiences this fall have been particularly kind to well-reviewed films. Two weeks ago, “The Town” made the same amount of money its first weekend and much like “The Town,” don’t expect “Social Network” to go quietly from the top five anytime soon with positive word of mouth.

Surprisingly, but maybe not so, is that “Legend of the Guardians,” which earned mixed reviews and finished second last week, retained its position and jumped “Wall Street.” That’s mostly an indicator of the lack of family offerings out there (unless you count “Alpha and Omega,” which I don’t).

“Let Me In” is kind of a stunner, but not really. The film’s biggest star is Chloe Moretz, who is really only a huge name now in the movie blogosphere. Not that many people saw “Kick-Ass” in theaters, so she doesn’t have the box office pull. An R-rated vampire film could have been part of it, with casual moviegoers dismissing most things with fangs these days thanks to Twilight burnout.

“Case 39,” however, anticipated a poor opening considering the film’s delayed release.

“Inception” fell out of the top 10 this weekend as did “Takers,” meaning that the summer films have officially left the box office. Tear.


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