Riddler a likely villain in “Batman 3”

As the “Inception” whirlwind begins to die down, that leaves the third Batman film as Christopher Nolan’s next project, which is essentially our cue as movie bloggers that we can pump up the rumor and speculation stories from here until the film’s release on July 20, 2012. Rumor number one would obviously be the villain. Fan speculation has long favored The Riddler and FirstShowing.net believes they’ve got a reliable source saying not only is that true, but that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is “interested.”

The source says it has gotten hold of a Warner Bros. casting grid, which is basically a list of all parts, actors, their availability, etc. and that the Riddler was on it. So FirstShowing.net is confident that this is confirmation of The Riddler. Gordon-Levitt, of course, should still be considered a rumor.

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  1. Daniel says:

    OF JGL is considered he was just in a Nolan film that brought his career to the next level but no offense to him as an actor but he isn’t the riddler, although I can see him as some other batman villains. The reason he isn’t the riddler is that he never has played an over the top character before.The joker was a psychopath the riddler is actually crazy. This role needs to played with someone who has more personality and can go from outrageous comedic style to drama in a second, I really think it should be an older actor in this role such as a Micheal Keaton, crispin glover,or even maybe Mark Hamill with his joker voiced toned down a bit from the animated series

  2. Michael Moramarco says:

    The character of the Riddler is not supposed to be an older figure though. He is supposed to be young and spry, clever, cunning, and manipulative. An acrobat of criminal prowess! I can’t see any of the individuals you suggested making the cut. I personally think Gordon-Levitt deserves a shot, and could pull it off quite well. Otherwise, I could see perhaps Josh Hartnett, and for some reason I have a good image in my head of Elijah Wood as the Riddler. Just my two cents.

  3. Daniel says:

    I was talking more of their acting styles then age. And the argument of the joker being young are untrue, he described at varying ages throughout the comic, and if judging by Nolan’s previous works he will try to go for the darkest image of the riddler possible. Elijah Wood has the face for it but he’s too whiny. I personally think Michael Keaton would be perfect think of him as a Johnny Dangerously gangster with the craziness of beetlejuice with a dark and very real script. Minus the young Keaton is still spry, clever, cunning, and manipulative. Josh Hartnett might not be badd but i still don’t see Gordon-Levitt as riddler. He could play Black Mask a rival young business man to bruce wayne and mob boss, or The Ventriloquist, which I think would be awesome for a movie cause he’s basically a mob boss with dissociative disorder, and Gordon-Levitt fits the description perfect. I think that if Nolan wanted to go a dark and very real way with the 3rd film he might introduce a character that can be very real such as the ventriloquist.

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