Not a “one and done” for “Expendables”

Technically speaking, the five new films that came out this weekend were the expendable ones. “The Expendables” stayed on top for a second straight week with about $16 million while those films finished second, fourth, sixth, seventh and eighth.

All in all, it was the lowest weekend total at the box office of the summer, which shouldn’t be that surprising.

  1. The Expendables – 16.9 M (weekend) … $65.3 M (gross)
  2. Vampires Suck – $12.2 M … $18.5 M
  3. Eat Pray Love – $12.1 M … $47.2 M
  4. Lottery Ticket – $10.6 M … $10.6 M
  5. The Other Guys – $10.16 M … $88.2 M
  6. Piranha 3D – $10.1 M … $10.1 M
  7. The Switch – $8.43 M … $8.43
  8. Nanny McPhee Returns – $8.40 M … $8.40 M
  9. Inception – $7.8 M … $262 M
  10. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World – $5.2 M … $20.8 M

Coming out Wednesday didn’t keep “Twilight” spoof “Vampires Suck” from taking second and fewer than 2,000 theaters didn’t stop “Lottery Ticket” from breaching the top five. The return of Nanny McPhee performed poorest of the five newcomers despite being distributed to the second highest amount of theaters among the new films.

The reputation of 3D took another hit this weekend as “Piranha 3D” underperformed at just $10 million. It shouldn’t be a whole lot longer before studios stop making random films in 3D seeing as theatergoers have proven they care much more about content than gimmicks.


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