Long-awaited "Boondock Saints" sequel arrives in October

It’s been 10 years since this random dude name Troy Duffy made a crime thriller that no one saw about two devout Irish Catholic brothers that turn vigilantes called “Boondock Saints.” Then some teenager discovered it on DVD and ever since it became a focal point of millions of sleepovers and teenage male bonding nights across the United States. At some point in the decade since, every person who saw that movie heard about Duffy’s plans for a sequel either themselves or from a friend.

Well, it’s finally here and dropping sooner than anyone expected. “Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day” will be released in theaters on October 30. That’s right, just before Halloween. Fuck “Saw VI,” it’s All Saints Day. (Well, technically November 1 is) The best coverage of the news (and the trailer) I found was on Rope of Silicon here.

Regardless your opinion of the trailer or whether there needed to be a sequel, this news is a relief. I am of the many former teenagers that made the original a cult classic and have heard of the sequel being in the works for ages, so it’s nice to know it’s finally happening. 

As for the quality of the movie, the trailer has some promise. The slow-mo artsy gun sequences are definitely back and the sense of humor looks mostly intact. One thing this movie doesn’t have is Willam Defoe and he was a huge part of what made the original so good. Can’t speak to the premise, but the original was built on its scenes anyway, so as long as Duffy pumped this movie up with creativity it shouldn’t disappoint too badly.


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