Labor Day proves an “American” holiday

Put on that big American grin, George Clooney, because your little thriller has defied expectations. Even with a Wednesday opening, enough people were intrigued by Anton Corbijn’s “The American” to give it top honors this first fall weekend, which didn’t take much, seeing as $13.1 million was all it took. Still, an impressive feat for a little Focus Features film.

Robert Rodriguez’s bloody action comedy “Machete” performed at average levels, similar to the opening tally of the film the character first appeared in: the trailers in “Grindhouse.” The other new offering, rom-com “Going the Distance,” took in just $6.9 million, continuing the cold-shoulder trend for similar smaller comedies.

Of the two returners, “The Last Exorcism” fell a ways, landing in fourth place – a typical fall for any horror film, whereas “Takers” held up decently and took third place.

The Top 10

  1. The American – $13.1 M (weekend) … $13.1 M (gross)
  2. Machete – $11.4 M … $11.4 M
  3. Takers – $10.9 M … $37.3 M
  4. The Last Exorcism – $7.4 M … $32.1 M
  5. Going the Distance – $6.9 M … $6.9 M
  6. The Expendables – $6.6 M  … $92.2 M
  7. The Other Guys – $5.3 M … $106.7 M
  8. Eat Pray Love – $4.8 M … $68.9 M
  9. Inception – $4.5 M … $277.1 M
  10. Nanny McPhee Returns – $3.5 M … $22.3 M

Of the more successful films still in theaters, “The Expendables” can expect to cross $100 million next weekend and “Inception” continues its slow march toward the $300-million mark. Considering the dreamy heist film fell only 6.7 percent despite being yanked out of 366 theaters nationwide, it might just get there before time runs out.


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