It’s “The Amazing Spider-Man” to you, sir

Marc Webb’s now-filming reboot of Marvel’s beloved web-slinger has an official title. A throwback to the original comic, the movie will formally be called “The Amazing Spider-Man.” With the announcement Columbia Pictures has provided a new image of the full costume in action, though with Photoshop work.

If you were skeptical about the new digs, you shouldn’t be now. The wall-crawler looks good here and his self-made web shooters are ready to go. I’m thrilled that this version has forgone the Sam Raimi choice to make the webbing come organically from Peter Parker’s wrists. I’ve always felt the web shooters were one of Spider-Man’s biggest flaws as a hero and it humanized the character.

Check out the previous Spider-Man image if you missed it. You can also find all kinds of paparazzi shots and video all over the Internet if you search for it.

“The Amazing Spider-Man” will attempt to earn its newly touted adjective on July 3 2012.


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