It’s hammer time: First “Thor” trailer

As December kicks into gear, expect a lot of first trailers for this summer’s major releases. “Thor” will kick off the summer season in that coveted first weekend of May and here’s our first look at footage (if you didn’t catch the stuff that got leaked after Comic Con).

Director Kenneth Branagh’s production appears pretty majestic. The brief glimpse we get of Asgard as Odin (Anthony Hopkins) renounces Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth) power and casts him down to Earth is pretty impressive and the action at the beginning feels gritty and real as opposed to too “magically inspired” as one might be concerned with regarding a “Thor” film.

Considering Branagh’s dramatic roots, I’m a bit bothered by the corny melodramatic lines chosen for the trailer, but I will withhold judgment for the time being. The key with this film will probably be in how well it can blend the Norse mythology with our own world. What “Thor” offers and what we’re used to as far as superheroes are very different, so the film’s biggest challenge lies in getting us excited about the lore and mythos of the character.

Enjoy the trailer below and get excited for May 6.


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