“Hangover 2” set pics: They’re off to Thailand

I don’t normally show unexciting first-look images from movie sets, but the sequel to the most successful R-rated comedy in motion-picture history deserves some of my attention — the photos from Popsugar are just a springboard.

Filming is now underway for “The Hangover 2,” which hits theaters this coming May. All four characters (Cooper, Galifianakis, Helms and Justin Bartha) are reuniting and Ken “naked Asian mobster” Jeung is expected to return in some capacity as well. These photos just show the gang embarking for their trip to Bangkok, Thailand where the movie will take place.

Thailand was long speculated (along with Mexico briefly) to be the locale for the sequel, but the circumstances have not been disclosed and the plot likely will remain that way until the first trailer hits.

The only bit of detail that unnamed sources “close to the production” have leaked is the following:

“After a hard night of partying in Thailand, Stu (Ed Helms) gets really drunk and ends up sleeping with a Thai tranny. The next day the guys try and figure out what happened the night before.”

My guess is that if there’s a shred of truth to that plot detail, that the entire film is not based on this one act. If it is, lower your expectations for the film. My guess is this is just one of many things that happened during some adventurous evening in Thailand.

I still don’t see “The Hangover” as sequel-worthy, but money talks. I suppose the best plan would be to stick with the “re-tracing steps” premise, but the reason for it happening again will likely be contrived. Plus, the novelty of these characters is not going to be the same given the increased exposure for stars Cooper and Galifianakis. Regardless, this film helps jump start a heck of a summer on May 26, 2011.


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