“Green Lantern” trailer arrives in our galaxy

In brightest day and darkest night, we have the first trailer for “The Green Lantern” starring Ryan Reynolds. This pre-“Potter” day present is worth twice of any regular Trailer Wednesday. In other words, the trailer is coming attached to Warner Bros.’ biggest holiday film,”Harry Potter,” on Friday, but Apple has the sneak peek which I’ve embedded below.

After viewing the trailer twice now, I would be inclined to pass judgment on the special effects, but I’m sure they’re far from complete. “Green Lantern” is an ambitious hero in terms of adapting seeing as his fight is an interplanetary one. The real mind-blowing stuff will be the off-Earth scenes as some of the concept art has leaked and its pretty sweet, so reserve yourself for that.

Reynolds as Hal Jordan should also be interesting. You definitely saw the comedy angle coming, but it will be a real test for him to add some serious weight to the good vs. evil themes of the “Lantern” comics.

Also, Peter Sarsgaard looks gross as Hector Hammond (bulging forehead dude). Ok, no more passing judgment. Take a look for yourself. Can’t wait for next summer!


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