Get teased by “The Hangover: Part II”

I don’t know whether to consider this first teaser for “The Hangover: Part II” a trailer or a public service announcement that comedy’s biggest sequel in recent memory is coming in a few months. If you didn’t know that Memorial Day weekend would bring us the sequel to cinema’s most successful R-rated comedy ever, then you’ve just been made aware. React accordingly.

I will admit that even in its boneheaded simplicity, the teaser works. I hold little hope for a comedy sequel rushed into production because of how much damn money it made, but “The Hangover” did make you feel like you were one of the boys, or should I say one of the Wolfpack?

“The Hangover: Part II” takes place in Thailand not long after the events of the first. The plot is mostly under wraps, but we know that everyone’s going to Bangkok for Stu’s wedding. You can tell here that among other things, Doug (Justin Bartha) has gone missing again, Alan (Galifianakis) has a shaved head, Stu (Helms) has a replica Mike Tyson tattoo and there’s a monkey wearing clothes. We also know some other goodies (cameos, specifically), but I won’t ruin them for you.

Get hung over again on May 26. Check out the teaser at Apple.


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