First Look at Henry Cavill as the ‘Man of Steel’

Bring on your scrutiny, Superman fans. Warner Bros. has released the first official image/promotional still of the Kid from Krypton, played by Henry Cavill (“Immortals”), in costume no less. 

Although it appears fans have slowly embraced Cavill since his casting was announced (he’s a good-looking dude), what is Superman without the costume? “Man of Steel” director Zack Snyder appears to have gone with a more textured look for the classic blue and red rather than straight-up spandex, which gives it a more “alive” look that, in my opinion, better fits the fact that it’s Kryptonian-made. You can see that better in the close-up we’ve also included.

The interesting piece for me is the choice of context. If that’s a vault, we know Superman didn’t break into it, because he’s a good guy, right? Hmm, maybe Zod’s (Michael Shannon) doing? That or this is just a promotional image and the vault has nothing to do with the film.

I also have to agree with /Film, which pointed out that at least Snyder and Co. had the brain to give us a first-look image to build proper buzz for the film as compared to “The Dark Knight Rises,” which inadvertently gave us our first look at Bane and Batman’s costumes in stunning 8 megapixel fashion.


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