First full look at Cap. America foe Red Skull

If you were one of the people intrigued by the Super Bowl spot for “Captain America: The First Avenger,” you were pleased but probably still curious over that brief moment when you saw some red-headed guy pull a mask off his face. Oh, and by redhead I mean this guy’s whole head was red. That would be Red Skull, Capt. America’s biggest nemesis, played in the film by Hugo Weaving. Entertainment Weekly and Marvel have teamed up to show him in all his glory.

The makeup looks superb: not over-detailed but formidable and capturing of attention. The costume follows suit (no pu—wait, I’m going to take that one). Red Skull is a ferocious Nazi, of course, and in the film he’s seeking the all-powerful Cosmic Cube, which we’ve learned plays into 2012’s “The Avengers.” We also know that Weaving will be transforming into Red Skull during the film, so we have that moment to look forward to.

Summer is almost here, maybe an inch at a time, but almost here. “Captain America” arrives July 22.


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