DiCaprio set as J. Edgar Hoover for Eastwood


Every so often that one film pops up and you say to yourself, “well, that’s just not fair.” That was initially what I thought in terms of the Academy Awards when Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman teamed up for “Invictus.” I turned out to be a bit off with that, but here we are again. Now, according to Deadline Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio will star as FBI frontman J. Edgar Hoover for director Clint Eastwood, producer Brian Grazer and Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, who wrote “Milk.”

The film is supposed to be a biopic of Hoover, though certainly it will double as a thriller. I mean, this is the FBI. Warner Bros. will piece it together though the project initially started with Universal. Eastwood and WB have worked well together lately, so that’s no surprise. Surprisingly (in a way), this will be the first Eastwood-DiCaprio collaboration. Nice of Martin Scorsese to let someone borrow the star, who is set to make a splash yet again in his first collaboration with Christopher Nolan in next month’s “Inception.” Does DiCaprio know how to pick ’em or does he know how to pick ’em? It doesn’t get much more solid than this whole collaborative team, so perhaps Leo’s not long for that Oscar.


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