Weekend Recap: I should be paid to do this

If predicting box office winners were baseball, I’d be batting 1.000. In my fifth week, I’ve done it again, picking Zombieland, which made nearly $25 million this weekend — plenty good enough for first place. But more impressively, do you recall the rest of my Top 5? Nailed it.

So, movie media, where’s my big job offer? Yea, I get it, take your time.

I figured to start recapping the box office on late Mondays (when the actual totals come in) instead of recapping and predicting all in one post on Friday mornings. This post will be for celebrating my prediction victories and rambling about the results and Fridays will be more reserved for previewing the weekend and straight up predictions. Should make the posts a bit more efficient.

With that said, here were the results at the box office this weekend.

1. Zombieland – $24.7 M (weekend) … $24.7 M (gross)
2. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – $15.8 M … $81.5 M
3. Toy Story/Toy Story 2 3D – $12.4 M … $12.4 M
4. Surrogates – $7.2 M … $26.2 M
5. The Invention of Lying – $7 M … $7 M
6. Whip It – $4.65 M … $4.6 M
7. Fame – $4.62 M … $16.5 M
8. Capitalism: A Love Story – $4.4 M … $4.8 M
9. The Informant! – $3.6 M … $26.4
10. Love Happens – $2.7 M … $18.8 M

Top 5 Summary: Just as a I called it, although I’m fortunate Surrogates int its second week just beat out The Invention of Lying, but that’s just being picky. “Meatballs” stayed strong, only dropping down by a third of last week’s take and it looks this meatball will be rolling to another Top 5 finish next week.

Biggest surprise: I predicted it, but Ricky Gervais and Warner Bros. have got to be feeling pretty good about “Lying” finishing Top 5. The chick power combo of Ellen Page and Barrymore was not much of a match for it, which is a victory, even if small. They needed a big first weekend with the looming Rom-Com giant Couples Retreat due out this weekend, so they can enjoy it while it lasts. Although they’ll need over twice that to meet budget, with enough positive word of mouth they might just do it.

Biggest flop: Considering there was some good buzz being generated by it, I was surprised to see Pandorum fall out of the Top 10 in only its second week, taking a cut of over 50 percent and falling from No. 6 to No. 12. For a movie with about a $40 million budget, to barely gross a quarter of that amount has to be devastating for young distributor Overture Films.


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