Award-buzz dramas win a “Gritty” weekend

“True Grit” overtook “Little Fockers” for number one at the box office this weekend, passing $100 million and symbolically leading the charge of award-winning dramas over the rest of the pack in 2011’s first full weekend. “Black Swan” also snuck into the top five as it gears up for an even wider release this weekend.

  1. True Grit – $14.6 M (weekend) … $110 M (gross)
  2. Little Fockers – $13.4 M  … $123.6 M
  3. Season of the Witch – $10.6 M … $10.6
  4. Tron: Legacy – $10 M -… $148.2 M
  5. Black Swan – $8.1 M … $61.2 M
  6. Country Strong – $7.3 M … $7.4 M
  7. The Fighter – $7 M … $57.8 M
  8. Yogi Bear – $6.6 M … $75.4 M
  9. The King’s Speech – $6.4 M … $32.8 M
  10. Tangled – $5.1 M  … $175.7 M

No doubt that audiences were much more interested in seeing those films their friends and family were buzzing about that checking out Nic Cage’s newest hairpiece. “Country Strong” did okay considering the smaller release. You won’t be surprised to learn Gwyneth Paltrow’s returning to “Glee” before the end of the season as that’s what initially gave her film the proof it needed that she’d be talented as a country singer.

With the Golden Globes coming up on Sunday and Oscar nominations just two weeks from tomorrow, films like “Black Swan,” “The Fighter” and “The King’s Speech” will continue to do well. Although next weekend’s releases “The Green Hornet” and “The Dilemma” will counter-offer with some more easy-going mainstream fare, these films will likely stick around the top ten at the least.


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