Avatar teaser released!

If you’ve caught any of the buzz from Comic Con this year or know anything about the winter movie schedule, then you’ve heard of “Avatar.” James Cameron, the infamous director of the original Terminator movies and of the single greatest cinematic anomaly of all time, “Titanic,” has reemerged over ten years later to take on what he believes is the perfect project for the world’s introduction to full-on live action 3D.

The film had been kept under wraps forever, but now we finally know what this thing will look like (at least in 2D) thanks to Apple’s release of the first official teaser. The story, to give you a sense of what you’re looking at, revolves around Jake (Sam Worthington from “Terminator: Salvation”),a paraplegic soldier on the planet Pandora where humans and the native Iraqis–err–Na’vi, the tall blue cat-like creatures you see, don’t get along. With his limitation, Jake has an Avatar created of himself (a Na’vi version of him) that he takes control of (a concept you’ll get used to in this fall’s Bruce Willis sci-fi actioner “Surrogates” if you’ve seen that trailer). I might have botched some of the tiny details there, but you should get a good idea of what’s going on in this teaser, which looks promising, by the way.

As announced at Comic Con, tomorrow is “Avatar Day,” where free tickets have been given away in which select theaters will get footage of “Avatar” in IMAX. Tickets for this even crashed the “Avatar” website, to give you a sense of how well Fox has hyped this thing up. For those of you like myself that are fine waiting to see the movie in theaters when it’s released, “Avatar” drops in on the hot date of December 18.

For the official website and news on “Avatar Day,” click here


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