America hangs with “The Roommate” Super Bowl weekend

In all honesty, the Super Bowl probably won the box office this weekend. When a female-focused horror flick takes top honors, it’s an indicator of what people are up to. There was very little appeal to both new entries this weekend as well.

  1. The Roommate  – $15 M (weekend) … $15 M (gross)
  2. Sanctum – $9.4 M … $9.4 M
  3. No Strings Attached  – $8 M … $51.3 M
  4. The King’s Speech – $7.7 M … $83.5 M
  5. The Green Hornet  – $5.9 M … $87 M
  6. The Rite  – $5.5 M … $23.7 M
  7. The Mechanic – $5.2 M … $20 M
  8. True Grit – $4.6 M  … $154.9 M
  9. Black Swan – $3.3 M … $95.8 M
  10. The Dilemma – $3.2 M … $45.5 M

James Cameron’s name attached to “Sanctum” only carried so much weight as the film managed an expected $9.4 million.

With a poor weekend of new releases, everything else held up well. “No Strings Attached” continued to stay in the top five as did “The King’s Speech.” The duel came at the five slot and the veteran “Green Hornet” pulled it out earning $5.9 million compared to $5.5 and $5.2 million from last weekend’s newcomer’s “The Rite” and “The Mechanic.”

Expect an explosion at the box office this coming pre-Valentine’s Day weekend. Four new films hit theaters including the Justin Bieber 3D concert movie, an Adam Sandler comedy and an animated film. I personally will be reviewing “The Eagle” for and thus publishing a review of it here, but it gets the smallest audience of the four films.


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