Admit it, we all could use another good "Vacation"

Well folks, it looks like the Griswolds are coming back.

Don’t worry, apparently it’s not another sequel, but more like a reboot that will harken back to the original a bit. The Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision spoke with New Line recently and they’ve given the producing and possibly directing reigns to David Dobkin (Director of Wedding Crashers). The re-imagining will apparently follow the Griswold’s son Rusty as an adult when he takes his kids on a vacation (which means you can almost certainly expect some Grandma and Grandpa cameos from Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo.)

It’s really easy to think “oh no, not again” upon hearing this news, but I’m open to it. It’s been more than 10 years since the last and just okay Vegas Vacation, so who’s to say with some fresher, younger stars and a more modern sense of humor that the franchise couldn’t be great again?

They’ve made Right Move No. 1, which is forgetting about Chase and D’Angelo. Yes, they’re much older now, but they’re also going to perpetuate the same sense of humor and style of the other movies. Getting this into the hands of someone like Dobkin who (other producing/directing Fred Claus) has the chops to make it better is the right idea. Getting a hot talent (like an Ed Helms instead of a Will Ferrell) to play the patriarchal Rusty would do the film a lot of good. Do I trust they’d go with someone like Helms instead of an old reliable (but washed up) Ferrell? Don’t know, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Another comfort is that New Line said they’re aiming for more of Planes, Trains and Automobiles or Little Miss Sunshine type roadtrip movie, not an RVI or Are We There Yet? typical garbage film. Obviously they can say that all they want, but until we see a cast and get some more story details (the script is soon to be written) to tell if this is going to be more like Christmas Vacation (yay!) or European Vacation (gag me.) With the rich opportunities for good screwball roadtrip/dysfunctional family comedy always aplenty, it’s worth finding out.


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