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The Lobster Review

As he did with his Oscar-nominated foreign film “Dogtooth,” Lanthimos builds a concept- driven story in “The Lobster” that explores the possibilities of how humans would react to well-intentioned extremism.

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Captain America: Civil War Review

Welcome to Phase III of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where the solo superhero films get an “Avengers”-sized cast and even Spider-Man can swing out of the clutches of Sony Pictures and into a Marvel Studios movie. In other words, you’d need a lot of action figures to recreate “Captain America: Civil War.”

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Summer Movie Preview 2016

Hard to believe this is my seventh summer movie preview on Movie Muse! Like most summers, the 2016 May through August movie slate is chock-full of sequels, and movies that hope to generate sequels. At this time every year, there’s so much promise, and by the end we’re left with movies that met our expectations, […]

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