Trailer Wednesday: Machete and Super 8


It took a lot for me to pass over the opportunity to include the newest trailer for Christopher Nolan’s “Inception,” which says a lot about what I think of these two trailers for Robert Rodriguez’s “Machete” and the J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg collaboration “Super 8.” The first comes out early this fall and the second not until next summer, so one’s a full-on trailer and the other a huge tease. Both are exciting.


If you’re wondering why this title seems familiar, yes, this is a feature film version of the trailer that ran before “Grindhouse” back in 2007 starring Rodriguez’s favorite Mexican, Danny Trejo as a hard-working dude who’s set up by some guys working for an anti-immigration senator and nearly killed.  The cast is incredibly interesting. Robert DeNiro plays the senator while Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba and Cheech Marin join Machete’s crusade. A couple other supporting roles come from Lindsay Lohan and Steven Seagal.

Seeing as it’s a trailer for a movie based on a trailer, it’s pretty good. It’s done in the same 1970s style as the whole film appears to be. I was a big fan of the under-performing “Grindhouse,” enjoying both “Planet Terror” and “Death Proof” together and understanding the importance of the experience. “Machete” will be released on its own, but it doesn’t temper my interest. Rarely (ok, pretty much never) do these retro films get made, so they’re a real treat. “Machete” will rank high on my fall list for sure.

Watch the Machete trailer on YouTube

Super 8

Not even a week before “Iron Man 2” hit did we discover that J.J Abrams would be teasing his upcoming collaboration with Steven Spielberg before the movie. Now that trailer is available online through Apple. It’s anything but informative, but it has kicked off what will surely be one of the best viral marketing campaigns to date. You can follow all the craziness of the viral marketing if you love getting into that sort of thing at the Super 8 news site

The film takes place in 1979 and involves Area 51. Infer whatever else you want from the trailer, but that’s the gist of it. We see a truck drive onto train tracks and derail a train that we’re told is eastbound with some precious Area 51 cargo. The trailer ends with something busting its way out of a train car. If you were on the side of the fence that enjoyed “Cloverfield” like I was, you’ll be interested in this for sure.

Watch the Super 8 teaser on Apple

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