New Trailers: “Robin Hood” teaser and second “Alice”


Another reason to love the Holiday movies season: awesome trailers. The Holidays have trailers for next summer’s movies and the summer flicks always showcase Holiday movie previews — it’s a beautiful cycle for those of us who love our trailers.

Yesterday, we saw the first footage of “Maximus Goes to England,” also more popularly referred to as Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood. Scott ventures back to the genre that garnered him the most fame in his later years and Crowe to the genre that made him a megastar. From the very uninformative teaser, we can tell this one will be bloody and there will be lots more slow weapon/fighting HD effects thanks to better filming capabilities since Gladiator.

Watch the Robin Hood trailer here at Joblo

Next we have the spring’s most anticipated family film: Tim Burton’s latest venture with Disney, Alice in Wonderland. Being with Disney, I’m beginning to fear more and more that we’re going to get something ala Charlie and the Chocolate Factory from Burton again, but at least their will be no lack of action in this film from what the second trailer indicates.

I read Alice and Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass recently because I never had and it’s safe to summarize that there isn’t all that much action. However, it looks like the Red Queen (Helena Bonham-Carter) and White Queen (Anne Hathaway) and their fighting cardmen are going to be engaging in all out war. There’s a dragon in there too and some other crazy stuff. Needless to say, I don’t expect this film to be very faithful other than the best parts of the story and staying true to its quirkiness. We can also expect lots more Johnny Depp despite the Mad Hatters presence in only a few actual chapters in the book.

Watch the second Alice in Wonderland trailer here at JoBlo


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