Category: "Best of 2009"

Best of 2009: The Year in Review

As I’ve alluded to the last couple of days, 2009, in my opinion, was a year for great genre films, not necessarily straightforward dramas. For instance, this time of year I’d normally be busy planning how I was going to get to see all the major Oscar contenders in the next month. This year, my […]

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Best of 2009: Top 10 Films of the Year

I didn’t see everything 2009 had to offer, but I feel pretty good about this list of the ten best films of 2009. I think most people, at least of my age demographic of 18 – 28, will agree. I gave a lot of films 4.5/5 stars this year, which I was pretty surprised at […]

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Best of 2009: The Genre Awards

Call me behind the curve, but I think now is the appropriate time (the last film release of 2009 was Friday) to take a look back at the last year of this pretty remarkable decade in film (more on the decade later). To start off my Year in Review, I present the Genre Awards – […]

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