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Oscars 2015 Recap: The Oscars with a lot of issues

Man, the 87th Academy Award had issues.

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Oscar Noms 2015: 7 Facts and Takeaways that Aren’t Complaints

Everyone wants to talk about the snubs: “Selma,” the Roger Ebert documentary “Life Itself,” “The LEGO Movie” (okay, I’m really pissed about “The LEGO Movie” too you guys). But I like to find the facts you might not have considered or that I think are worth noting.

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Oscar Watch: ‘Boyhood’ is the early consensus pick

Woot! Sorry, had to get that out there. That’s what it feels like when you finally motivate yourself to write a post for your blog that isn’t just a review of the last movie you saw, which, if you’ve been checking out Movie Muse at all in the last year, is all you’ve gotten outside […]

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